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Ernie Warrender statement to the UK March 2019

Scenes from Whitehall and Parliamentary Square on the day that the UK should have left the EU [29 March 2019]

Mike Walker UKIP Devizes Chairman talks about a new initiative in Wiltshire to get UKIP Councillors and MPs

MPs Are Killing Off Brexit! Thursday 4 April 2019

The House of Commons has tonight voted to go against precedent and allow the debate and voting on Yvette Cooper’s Brexit wrecking bill by 312 votes to 311.

This bill has already been slated by many legal types including the highly qualified and extremely knowledgeable Sir William Cash MP.

Even those who brought it and support the bill acknowledge that deficiency,

but they had the temerity to say that the House of Lords will sort that all out when it thrown in their direction – the arrogance of those who purport to be our law-makers beggars’ belief.









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