Where are we now? No to a Customs Union

No Customs Union

Apparently the customs union option is backed by 10 ministers: Rudd, Clark, Lidington, Hammond, Gauke, Mundell, Perry, Nokes, Hinds & Bradley.
This is such an incoherent position raising serious questions about the level of competence of ministers.  Maybe the referendum has done the country a favour in shining a spotlight on the system of UK Govt.  The chancellor backing this option is most illuminating.

Brexit is not about the short-term but the re-birth of our sovereign nation.  Our aim is to re-invigorate The Commonwealth and build on trade which stretches into the future long after we have left the stage.

To make this a reality, we must rebuild democracy.  The insulting and patronising, term “ populist “ suggests we are tempted to blindly follow charismatic people at political events as if we hav’nt the capacity to think matters out for ourselves, just follow a popular movement of the times.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Ukip has stuck to its principles through thick and thin.  The Main Stream Media (MSM) know this and do all they can to lampoon and vilify us.  But the imbalance of reporting is unprofessional and fools no-one.  Just watch BBC’s ‘ Points of View ‘ or listen to radio satirical programmes.  Any mention of Ukip is punctuated by sloppy trivial comments to try and make us look stupid or just plain wrong when all we do is tell the public what’s happening, usually behind their backs.

Ukip has set the agenda on leaving the EU.  We want limited controlled immigration with effective Government and Police action against fundamentalist extremism.  The Police do stirling work but are hampered by funding and personel cuts.  Why does the Govt do this ?  Think about it.  Laying the path for the Eurocops (Euroghendfor) perhaps ?

We want the right to live again under our traditional freedom and liberties not under a customs union.  We want to be proud of this great nation of ours.  We want our children to wave The Union Jack with pride and not be swamped in Political Correctness rubbish.

Is that asking too much ?

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