Mother Theresa and her Faustian pact with the Communists

Every vote for UKIP is a vote to protect our traditional culture and heritage

Martin Costello, treason May

This week saw a new low for Treason May as she cosied up to terrorist sympathiser Comrade Corbyn. If we wanted the anti-British Labour party to handle Brexit we would have voted for those Marxist in the 2017 snap general election! How long before this pair have to call for Diane Abbott’s expert advice? Why have we been blackmailed into accepting May’s awful deal or no Brexit? Agreeing a deal was not on the ballot paper, we should have left on the 29th March with a NO DEAL! Any deal will be BAD for Britian and will NOT be leaving the EU.

The terms of Soft and Hard Brexit were just made up to make any deal palatable when in truth they do not exist. It is either Brexit (leaving the customs union etc) or it is not! Unsurprisingly the BBC still hasn’t report that the EU this week agreed to give UK nationals Visa free travel to the EU after Brexit. Not reporting key issues like this is just as bad as lying in my eyes.

The whole process has been smoke and mirrors from start to finish in an attempt to ?Honour? Brexit but these deals have caveats to ensure we re-joined in a couple of years to complete the European Union domination of Europe. This is something that Adolf Hitler would have been proud of. People must stop tactical voting and stop voting for the same old rubbish expecting change! As Albert Einstein explained ?  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results?.

Once mass immigration has destroyed the fabric of our nation, we will never have a chance to reverse the damage. If you don?t start supporting patriot party?s, our culture will be nothing but a distant memory as we are replaced along with our values and way of life. Why the should those who died for our freedom even have bothered if we are just going to hand it away? Imagine what would have happened in 1939 with this lot in power! The political establishment have been just grinding us down over the last 3 years by frustrating Brexit to make us accept any old rubbish to feel like we are getting out.

This however isn’t a battle between leave and remain, this is NOW a battle between democrat’s and anti democrats but they must understand that we the British will not disappear quietly into the night! This issue is bigger than anything and the greatest constitutional crisis we have faced in over 700 years. Never has our democracy been under so much threat and we shall not be dictated to by the minority who are the REAL fascists.

We shall fight for our freedom, our sovereignty and our right to be a self-governing democratic nation once again. We shall never surrender to those who seek to betray our country and sell us out. Enough is ENOUGH!

Martin Costello
UKIP Wiltshire Chairman


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  1. Absolutely spot on Martin, agree totally. The Remainers have declared war on our democracy. It is a really sorry state of British politics that the Government had very cleverly been able through a three year campaign of project fear fake news pretence of working on an orderly withdrawal in the public domain, when all the whilse behind closed doors were ensuring ever closer ties with the EU that we are supposed to be leaving! A deception of the highest order.

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