Wiltshire UKIP Weekly Blog 7 August 2019

Our greatest weapon is the truth!

Is UKIP a party of protest for one specific cause i.e Brexit or problems associated with immigration and the associated strengths / problems that arise with our links to Tommy Robinson?

Is UKIP a party of government – a viable political force that can get Councillors and MPs?

It is time to choose who and what we are fighting for.  We have suffered in the by elections because of our indecision and refusal to face the truth.  Our enemies vastly outnumber us and have unlimited financial resources.  They know how to win.

I want to see within my lifetime a UKIP government.

This pivots around a central fundamental ideology.  This being that my country is a sovereign autonomously governed nation.  Laws must be solely made by representatives of the people and ratified by Royal Assent by our monarchy.

[1] This will ensure that laws are good and moral.

[2] Our land will never be covered in concrete and tarmac to satiate the whims of big business who want the uncontrolled immigration of an unskilled labour force to drive down wages and increase their profits.

[3] Free speech will always be paramount and not be tempered by the tantrums of the interest group on social media.  Those self appointed censors of morality which now bribe the political classes with their voting power.

[4] Our fight for Brexit is merely a symptom of the disease we are now suffering.  We are ruled by a foreign power.  The strangle hold of the EU umbilical cord around our necks is stifling freedom and democracy in this country – the very oxygen we need to exist and give us pride and the self belief that there is something worth living for.

It is time for UKIP to lead the charge and rally together the people.

It is time for battle!

Ordinary people must now step outside of the comfort zones of their worlds.

We must now stare into the face of an overwhelming vicious self-serving enemy, the establishment.

The establishment is a conglomerate of self-serving interest groups.  It numbers millions. With its unlimited resources and wealth, the establishment yields power over the minds of the masses with frightening control over the media.

We must together say  ‘No!  I refuse to accept. This is not my world.  I want it back’

We must organise and all work together. There must be one common aim for UKIP. This is to get as many Councillors and MPs into power as possible.  We need a UKIP government and this country always will.

We cannot win this war by screaming at the world how unfair it is – the filter of the media is every present to blunt our message.  Social media is now fully under the control of the establishment.  Big brother is every watching and vengeful.

The way forward now is to get tens of thousands of bespoke UKIP leaflets to targeted voters through their letter boxes.  I now know how this can be done and the aim is to get initially UKIP Councillors into power.

Town Councils then become the training ground for future UKIP MPs.  They become the arena whereby we practise our skills engaging the enemy in verbal combat.  We learn about the needs of the people and develop a platform where we can take our manifesto to the community.  The people will then start to believe that a vote for UKIP is not a wasted vote and that a UKIP MP can be trusted and will serve their needs.

We each allocate ourselves a ward to target – I have information on the probable voting intentions of all the wards.

Perhaps we could pay leaflet distribution companies to deliver our leaflets for us.  I have one that will deliver 1000 leaflets for £35.  They are GPS tracked to ensure that they are delivered.

The next council elections for Wiltshire [excluding Swindon] will be May 2021.  We will spend our time over the next two years fund raising to pay for leaflet manufacture and delivery e.g. car boot sales, quiz nights in pubs etc.

We must try to become Councillors.  This requires reevaluating our aims and putting everything – time and resources into getting the right candidates to stand for election right now!

I need volunteers – Who wants to be a UKIP Councillor with me?

I want the Tories to go full term – which will be just under 3 more years.  In that time, I want them to bleed votes to UKIP.

They will have no idea what is going to hit them in June 2022 General Election!

Let George Soros and the other globalists fear UKIP.  This is our country, not just another one of his investments.

Lets now regroup and do this properly!

Mike Walker

Branch Secretary North Wiltshire and Chippenham


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