Dear Members;

I have been made aware this last week that certain members are now going over to Brexit party

And no doubt we shall see over the weeks others who choose the same for all manner of reasons, and I must say for the life of me I can’t see why but I respect their choice.

To make it quite clear to all members of this party and in this area, I state now to everyone I AM NOT FOR CHANGE. And for anyone who may think I will or can be talked into this I again make it very clear don’t waste your time on trying.

I may not agree with certain things which are going on or with things which have taken place in the past, but I serve only one Leader and one Party and one country.

I do not surrender, and I do not leave my people or members behind.

Loyalty is everything.!

This country is everything.!

I will not be bullied, and I won’t allow my Branch members to be so either and will fully support those who work alongside me.

So, to all who are unsure I say to you think long and wisely on who you can really trust before you cast your votes or decide on your next move.

Stick with the party which has an agenda and who cares.

I have no political ambition.

My ambition is to make this country great again.

Celer Et Audax

Kind Regards

Chris J Prevett

UKIP Chairman North Wiltshire / Chippenham

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