Wiltshire UKIP Weekly Blog 21 July 2019

Our world is being stolen from us

Mike Walker BSc [Hons] PGCE [retired Science and Maths teacher]

UKIP Branch Secretary North Wiltshire and Chippenham

I am 57 years old, a semi-retired science and maths teacher who now travels around Wiltshire tutoring individual clients every day except Saturdays.  I am also honoured to be an official in UKIP.  This gives me an opportunity to fight for and restore a world which has been stolen from myself, my family and friends by mission creep of the last twenty years.

In my youth I remember being taught by my parents to be proud of being British.  ‘Our society is strong because everyone understands that there is a balance between rights and responsibilities shared by both the state [parliament and monarchy] and the individual’.

The state ensured that the individual is protected and cared for – prison sentences that have meaning, police on the streets to make us feel safe, customs officers actually doing their job, a health service where doctors visited the sick without waiting lists, university grants not loans, the BBC was impartial and abattoirs that killed animals respectfully and humanely.

In return the individual was expected to assume responsibility to the state.  The unemployed were expected to take any job offered whilst receiving benefits, there was a sense of community spirit people with helping each other and there was respect for institutions such as the police, armed forces and monarchy.

Then things changed resulting in a fundamental change in the relationship between the ruling government and the people.  Labour and Conservative Parties have both been willing to pander to the needs of various self-indulgent interest groups that have absolutely no concern for their actions on wider society.

The political parties themselves have jumped onto this band wagon and joined this amorphous ‘blob’ of self-motivated and self-appointed army of censors.  Together they now include internet trolls, angry students, lobby groups, town hall officials ideologically driven politicians and lawyers and establishment figures.  Their numbers are bolstered by a host of other busy bodies that have taken to police what we can and cannot say.

I remember about fifteen years ago changes to the curriculum with the introduction of Personal, Social and Health education [PSHE] and changes to Religious Education seemed to placate these interest groups.

Sex education was a component of PSHE.  I could never understand how there seemed to be an acceptance that underage sex was a ‘lifestyle choice’ and there was little attempt to discourage it.  During one lesson a nurse from a local hospital handed out leaflets to a class of Year 8 girls showing different methods of contraception.  I remember collecting every leaflet in at the end of the lesson from the girls. Why is it that an underage teenage girl can get contraception from a school nurse without consulting her parents and yet the school must phone her to ask permission to give her a paracetamol tablet?


As the years went by first lax controls by the Labour government on immigration controls, and then the Conservatives meant that the young must be prepared to accommodate this new international nation.

Religious education was traditionally the study of the new testament.  It then consequently became the study of different faiths. A new subject was brought in called National Curriculum Citizenship [compulsory]. This states that pupils must be aware of:

‘diverse national, regional, religious and ethnic identities in the United Kingdom and the need for mutual respect and understanding’


I remember seeing in Avebury one weekend a Muslim woman wearing a niqab and burka – I was horrified.  I gave an assembly about how I thought this contravened women’s equality rights.  I could never do this again!

Successive governments have now reneged their responsibilities to control immigration to appease globalists and industrialists.  These are the puppet masters of the ‘political elite’.  They crave the removal of all National borders to facilitate free movement of goods and labour.  This brings down wages and increases shareholders profits.

Uncontrolled mass immigration causes catastrophic social, environmental and health problems to the indigenous populations.  Different interest groups are brought together in the same geographical location with vastly different cultural and moral values. To keep an uneasy peace, the law makers must make allowances which devalue the sacrifices made by past generations.  Our beautiful land is covered in concrete and tarmac, thousands annually die of air pollution, prison sentences are reduced to accommodate overcrowded prisons and hospital waiting lists grow ever longer.

None of this can be taught in schools for fear of offence.

Now bring together two of the scenarios mentioned:

[1] The liberalisation and acceptance of sexuality at an early age in PSHE with little mention of the law and why it should be respected

[2] A politically correct culture which desperately wants to cause no offence to ethnic minority groups

We then create the conditions for the abuse of young white teenage girls by grooming gangs:


I no longer recognise the world I once knew as a science and maths teacher in today’s schools.

If I did not address the boy in a dress by his desired gender recognition, I would be disciplined and probably sacked.

Yet there is hope.

The dawn is always darkest before the dawn.

There is UKIP’.

Achieve a real Brexit and full UK independence.  Please dispel the barriers of perception and vote UKIP to restore dignity and respect to our Nation

Highly recommended reading: The Strange Death of Europe by Douglas Murray

ISBN 978-1-4729-5800-6

Blog / Summary of notification Hyperlink
Immigration from Europe ‘cost the British taxpayer £3m a day’ last year

MigrationWatch UK, which campaigns for tougher border controls, said the overall cost of immigration from Europe – including recent arrivals and those who have lived here many decades – was £1.2 billion last year.

The MigrationWatch UK estimate a figure of £5,530 billion annually of lost taxes. Without knowing the exact number of illegal immigrants working, it is challenging to calculate with accuracy. https://twitter.com/MigrationWatch/status/1149673455958155264
We are often told that immigration has nothing to do with the housing crisis, but the facts clearly show otherwise. Immigration to England at current levels will generate the need to build one home every six minutes, night and day (ONS Household Projections) … https://twitter.com/MigrationWatch/status/1149673455958155264
Even this underestimates the impact of immigration on future housing demand, since it only takes account of future arrivals. While the relatively young age structure of the existing non-UK born population means this will also drive future household growth… https://twitter.com/MigrationWatch/status/1149673455958155264
Home ownership is falling, and a growing number of young people have to live with their parents due to high rents. This likely helps to explain why 55% of 18-24-year olds support the government’s promise to reduce immigration significantly (Channel 4 News – Deltapoll, 2018) … https://twitter.com/MigrationWatch/status/1149673455958155264
In this interview which took place on 19th October 2018 Mr Afzal said,

“You may not know this, but back in 2008, the Home Office sent a circular to all Police forces in the country saying, ‘As far as these young girls who are being exploited in towns and cities, we believe that they have made an informed choice about their sexual behaviour and therefore it is not for you police officers to get involved in’
If that’s the landscape coming from the top down in 2008, rest assured all agencies are going to listen to it.”



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