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  • Winning the Battle for Brexit 18th April 2019
      As you can imagine we have been flooded with emails and letters about the future of Brexit, the new Brexit Party, UKIP and the future of the Conservative Party. After a period of total despair about the future of Brexit I feel more positive than at any point in the last 18 months. After the […]
  • Local Tory chairs plot to oust May 17th April 2019
      While Theresa May enjoys a walking holiday in Wales, the chairmen of several Conservative associations have hatched a plan to oust her from No. 10 within weeks. According to reports in the Telegraph, the chairman of the London East area Dinah Glover has begun a petition of association heads to trigger an Extraordinary General […]
  • Tory poll slump sparks panic 15th April 2019
      The Tory Party is in panic mode after a spate of devastating polls were released over the weekend and as Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party continued to make waves with a pair of high profile events on Friday and Saturday. Former leader Iain Duncan Smith – long considered one of the more hardline Eurosceptics […]
  • The fightback begins… 12th April 2019
    Friday 12 April 2019  Just when you thought our political elite couldn’t get any more despicable, they delay Brexit by another six months and pack up to go on their holidays! Following a European Council summit on Wednesday night the British government gleefully accepted a long delay to Brexit, ending on Halloween. This was despite May’s promise before the […]
  • A Halloween Brexit… 11th April 2019
      The Brexit can has been kicked down the road yet again with the European Council agreeing to a Brexit extension to 31 October – Halloween. The proposed extension was formally agreed in a letter to Donald Tusk from the UK’s ambassador to the EU Sir Tim Barrow, despite prime minister Theresa May telling the […]
  • Piers Morgan for Brexit Party MEP! 10th April 2019
      We are today launching a campaign to encourage Piers Morgan to run for the Brexit Party in the forthcoming European elections, scheduled to be held on 23 May. Over the last two and a half years Piers has been a fierce defender of our referendum vote. Like a true democrat he says the will of the people should […]
  • Brussels to offer May a long extension 10th April 2019
      Draft European Council conclusions leaked last night suggest the EU27 are set to agree to an extensive Brexit delay today on Donald Tusk’s preferred “flexible” model – lasting longer than May’s supposed 30 June deadline, and ending once a deal has been concluded. Tusk, inviting EU27 heads to an emergency summit to be held […]
  • May goes begging while Fox breaks ranks 9th April 2019
      Calls for Theresa May’s resignation intensified yesterday with Mark Francois’ demand for an “indicative vote” on the parliamentary party’s confidence in the prime minister. Questions about May’s future continued to be asked throughout the day with the leadership of the powerful backbench 1922 Committee visiting Downing Street, but chairman Graham Brady confirmed that there […]
  • May makes excuses while Brexiteers revolt 8th April 2019
      This weekend our tone deaf prime minister attempted to justify her pathetic decision to hand Brexit over Jeremy Corbyn in a cringing and very unpopular social media missive, warning that the choice facing MPs was her rotten deal (staying in the EU in all but name) or staying in the EU (name and all). […]
  • Theresa May begs for another Brexit delay 5th April 2019
      Theresa May has capped off another week of sickening Westminster betrayal by sending a grovelling letter to the European Union this morning begging for yet another delay to Brexit.She promised over one hundred times that we would leave on March 29. It was then delayed to April 12, and now it will be delayed to June 30 – if […]

William Dartmouth MEP said; “The facts are clear, ‘freedom of movement’ is not currently required to access the Common Regulatory Zone, otherwise known as the Single Market”.

Exports to the EU in 2015 from 35 countries without “freedom of movement” amounted to over 1,396 billion euros, are the European Council and the European Commission now going to embargo all imports into the EU from all of those countries? None of whom have a free movement requirement?

Sources: European Commission; Trade Statistics – “Top Trading Partners” and CIA World Factbook

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35 countries in 2015 exported to the EU without “freedom of movement of people”

"Freedom of movement" is not required for access to the (EU) Single Market