The Cost of EU Membership

UK had to pay the EU an extra £2.7 billion in 2013 compared with 2012

UK tax payers had to pay £17 billion to the EU in 2013. Even non-tax payers contributed as a result of VAT on services and some goods. So how much do you pay so that an unelected body of bureaucrats can govern us? It is impossible to say as each person pays a different amount of tax, but if we divide the payment by the number of households (18.2 million) the cost is about £930 per household.

Some argue that because the EU paid back £8.56 billion to UK, the net contribution to the EU was £8.62 billion.
However, this payment back to UK does not reduce the tax payer’s bill, it is paid to organisation such as construction companies.

In reallity the people of UK paid much more than £17 billion because of the EU. Manufacturers and food suppliers can’t absorb the £48.7 billion forced upon them by EU regulations so the extra is passed on to you the customer. The resulting higher cost of goods and food adds to the true cost of belonging to the EU.

The above extra cost is call the indirect cost. Here is the full break down of the indirect costs to you.
Cost of EU regulations: £96 billion
Cost of mis-allocation of resources: £52 billion.
Cost of lost jobs: £6 billion.
Waste,fraud and corruption: £6 billion.

EU fraud and corruption. Because the auditors have rejected the EU accounts
year after year, it is difficult to unearth the figures for fraud and corruption, but it is probably not less than £6 billion per annum.

Our Lost Democracy

New powers can be implemented by the EU without new treaties, and referendums of the people.

You democratically elect MPs to parliament and to the European parliament. These democratically elected representatives are powerless puppets, mere rubber stamps for approving laws made by people in Brussels who were not elected.

The EU is at the centre of everything done by our government. Trade, Post Office closures, immigration, VAT, fuel taxes, farming and fishing are all EU controlled.

You democratically elect local councillors but they have become rubber stamps for introducing laws made by un-elected bureaucrats in Brussels.

The Law

Under the Treaty of Rome, European Union Directives and Regulations take precedence over the UK’s domestic law.

The primacy of EU law is expressly stated in the Treaty (Declaration 17). By allowing Royal Assent to be given, Her Majesty the Queen has effectively signed her own redundancy notice. EU law, as interpreted by the European Court of Justice, is now the ultimate authority. The power of the EU can be extended by the members of the European Council.

It appears that on 19 June 2008 the British constitution was illegally set aside, the Constitutional Acts not having been repealed. The Queen and the Ministers of the Crown charged with protecting it failed to do so.

If the situation is not rectified Her Majesty will only fulfill the role of giving spurious legitimacy to an illegitimate Government. The office of Monarch will be allowed to exist for cosmetic purposes while it degenerates into an irrelevant Disneyworld-style tourist attraction.

New powers can be granted to the EU without recourse to new treaties, let alone referendums of the people. The European Council, made up of the heads of Government, becomes an institution of the EU. The British Prime Minister, formerly a servant of the Crown and people, now becomes a servant of the European Union (contrary to the Privy Councillors’ oath of office).

Farming and Fishing

The EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) was a disaster from the start. We all remember the butter mountains and the way the EU (from our taxes) paid farmers to overproduce

The EU agricultural and Fisheries policy is a form of state intervention that distorts the market and kills small businesses. Food prices are high because of EU regulations. Food is also subsidised by the EU but those subsidies come from our contribution to the EU, which in turn is paid for by our taxes.

Big farms received most of the EU subsidy, which combined with the greed and power of the supermarkets wiped out many small farms.

Ted Heath gave away our territorial waters to get us into the Common Market, which resulted in overfishing by foreign vessels (mainly Spanish) causing the decimation of our own fishing fleet as well as dreadful economic hardship – even bankruptcy

The EU small-fish directive caused millions of small fish to be allowed to die then thrown back into the sea so defeating the aim of maintaining fish stocks.